That Moment You Really Needed Just a Little Bit of Plastic – The Sequel

writing on the wall, coloring

Life can be challenging. Even more so without plastics. Here are some moments when everyday plastics could have saved your day. And one moment when it could save your life.

That moment your little one started teething… and you couldn’t find his pacifier.

teething baby, crying baby

Time for a quick trip to the store for another little silicone sanity saver.

That moment (again and again and again) your spouse slept on his “lucky” pillow… and you didn’t sleep.

couple in bed, man snoring

The right pillow (maybe memory foam, maybe water-filled, maybe gel) just might let you get some rest. And save your marriage.

That moment you noticed your little Picasso had decorated the family room wall.

writing on the wall, coloring

Isn’t he cute? Yeah. Instead of getting out the can of wall paint, those little “magical” foam erasers can do the trick.

That moment you and your spouse had a few words… right before the guests arrived. (We’ve all been there.)

runny mascaraThey’ve arrived! Time for a quick makeup touch up. That little mascara wand will come in handy right now.

That moment your teenager finally smiled… and then said no to metal braces.

crooked teeth

Then you casually mentioned that his girlfriend wears “invisible” braces. (And you saw the wheels in his head start to turn…)

That moment after she spent an hour on her drawing for you. And it ripped.

girl crying, homework

Perhaps a bit of transparent tape can fix her little masterpiece.

That moment you realized “fragile” meant nothing to the shipping company.

crushed box, shipping boxAll they really needed was a little cushion of air: bubble wrap, air pillows, lightweight foam, packing peanuts (plus you often can recycle or reuse them).

That moment your lovingly made lunch was smushed on the bus.

girl frowning

Sure, flimsy bags might be easy to carry, but a little protection—e.g., a tough, reusable bento box—can be the difference between eating lunch or not.

That moment you realized your “bargain” moving company hadn’t treated your furniture with loving care.

moving, furniture on curb

Fortunately, today’s professional moving companies protect your furniture in plastic wrap before loading.

And hopefully you will never have this moment.

car hit bicycle

That time you went biking at night. Without reflectors. Or a headlight. Or little flashing lights. Good thing you wore your helmet… Because sometimes a little bit of plastic can be the most important thing in the world.

Meeting life’s challenges can be… challenging. In these moments, sometimes all you need is a little bit of plastic.

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