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Plastics are a key material at the heart of almost every industry. Advancements and innovation in automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, computer and other consumer products rely on plastics for their remarkable qualities. Learn about the science behind innovative plastics, discover new applications and see how plastics is helping to improve lives around the world.

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    Why Do We Innovate? Plastics have been at the forefront of many modern advances. Check out a few of our favorite plastics innovations. See Why
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    Plastic Innovations of the Week Professor Plastics loves to share new innovations in plastics that contribute to sustainability, safety, longer lives and better performance. See the Innovations
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    Plastics Help Deliver Renewable Energy Is your home powered by plastics? If it’s one of the millions of U.S. homes that uses energy from renewable sources, plastics could be playing a role in helping you reduce the environmental footprint of energy production. Learn How Plastic Can Be Turned into Energy
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    Plastic Nanotechnology: Less is More Plastic nanotechnologies are built one nanoscale layer at a time. By mimicking structures found in mollusks, scientists have created a transparent plastic that is as strong as steel. Learn More