Sustain What Sustains You

Food is central to many meaningful occasions in life—dinner parties, family meals, and get-togethers with friends. Then there are the connections we often overlook—trips to the grocery store, food preparation, and even those moments of contemplation when we open the fridge. At the heart of these big and small moments is the plastic packaging that helps make them happen.

Many of our flavorful morsels, fulfilling bites, and nourishing meals are made possible because of innovative plastic packaging that helps keep food fresh.

Fresh facts

  • Icon Packaging with holesSometimes air is good. Strategically placed holes in the packaging of foods such as grapes and berries can help control the amount of moisture inside so they stay fresh longer in your fridge.
  • Icon Packaging ResealedSometimes air is bad. Wraps and packaging around foods such as cucumbers and meat can help food last longer in your fridge because the plastic helps keep out oxygen.
  • Icon Recycling BinMy lips are (re)sealed. Resealable packaging is useful when you only want one piece of beef jerky, dried fruit, or a few (or twenty!) pistachios. Just take what you need and seal the bag to keep the rest fresh for later.
  • Icon Packaging ContainerMeal prep’s best friend. With life’s often hectic pace, cooking everyday can be a chore or nearly impossible. Airtight plastic containers can help keep food fresher longer, giving you the freedom to cook less often or prepare an easy lunch or dinner you can quickly heat.
  • Icon Recycling Bin“Bin” there, done that. Everyday plastic food packaging, including milk and juice jugs, beverage bottles, yogurt containers, and more can be recycled in many curbside programs.
  • Icon Drop Off LocationNow let’s wrap this up. Did you know plastic bags and wraps can be recycled by returning them to participating grocery and retail stores? Click here to find a drop-off location near you.