Safety Gear

Plastic helmets and other safety gear helps keep top athletes safe. But that’s only the beginning. Read about all the ways plastics contribute to protection, from wearable air bags to Kevlar® body armor.

  • Athlete snowboarding
    Should Helmets Be Mandatory? The National Ski Areas Association in the United States urges skiers and riders to wear a helmet, but until recently, helmet use was uncommon and not widely enforced. Some resorts, consumer groups and sports associations have proposed mandatory helmet laws. What do you think? Learn More & Take the Poll
  • Kid wearing motorcross helment
    Get Kids Moving with Plastic Safety Gear Approximately 3 million children ages 14 and under are injured every year while playing sports or during recreational activities. That number can be reduced with the proper use of innovative safety gear, much of which is made possible by plastics. See How