Sports & Outdoors

From football and skiing to the Tour de France, plastics play a role in almost every sport imaginable. Check out recent innovations in plastic sports equipment, and see how plastic sports gear is helping to keep athletes safe.

Fashion Trends

From Burlap to Bikinis: A Women’s Swimwear Timeline

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A comparison between women’s swimsuits from two different time periods
Two young children wearing life vests
Safety Gear

Modern Outdoor Water Safety Gear Made Possible by Plastics

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  • BMX bike artist jump on sport ramp
    X Game Competitors Rely on Plastic Sports Gear The X Games feature death-defying stunts and record-breaking tricks—and plastics once again play a critical role in the sports gear and safety equipment. See How Plastics Help Protect Top Athletes
  • Motocross rider
    Wearable Airbags: The Next Frontier in Sports Safety Gear Safety gear is essential whether you're gearing up for a motorcycle ride or setting out for the ski slopes. Some sports gear manufacturers are taking safety to the next level: wearable plastic airbags that deploy during a fall or crash. Learn More