Prosthetics make life better for countless amputees. Many of the advancements in comfort, range of motion and durability come from plastics. See how artificial limbs are helping those in developing countries, and learn about the latest innovations in athletic prosthetics.

  • Plastics Create New Possibilities for Amputees Plastics helped two-time Paralympian John Register become a world class athlete, thanks to a prosthetic leg that put him back in the game. Watch the Video
  • Ronnie Primary
    Reaching Higher with Plastics Ronnie Dickson was born with Trevor’s Disease, which affected the growth plates in his left knee and ankle. A plastic prosthetic has helped him excel in several sports, including rock climbing. Read the Guest Post by Ronnie Dickson
  • Plastics Help Amputees Participate in Sports
    Plastics Help Amputees Participate in Sports Modern prosthetic limbs are lighter, stronger, and more life-like than ever before – thanks in part to plastics. Take a look at how far prostheses have come throughout the centuries. Read The History of Prosthetic Limbs