Whether they’re essential medical supplies such as IV bags and syringes or lifesaving medical devices such as incubators and dialysis machines, plastics help improve health and save lives around the world. Learn more about plastics’ role in medical and healthcare innovation.

Disease Prevention

Plastics Help Deliver Clean Water When Disaster Strikes

Learn How Plastics are Helping to Preserve Health
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Plastics deliver medicine

Plastic Package Delivers Lifesaving Medicine to Children

See How Plastics Help Deliver Lifesaving Pharmaceuticals
  • Young child biting onto plastic bowl
    How Innovations in Plastics Help Make Millions of Lives Better Plastic innovations in health, medical and safety tools help save countless lives, prevent diseases and avoid injuries, from children in sub-Sahara Africa to suburban American families. See How
  • Plastic bandage
    Liquid Bandages & Adhesives Get a Boost with Plastics Innovations in plastics have helped adhesive bandages to become staples in medicine cabinets and first-aid kits across the country. And plastics play an important role in more recent, innovative wound care technologies. Learn More