Trendy Sequins, Made Possible by Plastic

Multicolored sequin shoes

Sequins have a long history, running from ancient Egyptian royalty to schmaltzy casino signs. Thanks to plastics, today they’re glistening down the runways of New York and Paris and adding pizzazz to shoes, purses, skirts and more.

Before plastics, sequins often were made of coins or small pieces of metal, usually worn by people of wealth or traveling gypsies. Today’s plastic sequins are light and eminently wearable, making it easy for every woman to shimmer and shine whenever she wants.

Here are some hot sequin trends we’re seeing now…

Flats are a must for every season, and why not add sequins to take them up a notch?

Bright colors and intricate patterns are making a splash on the runways. Be on the lookout for mini-dresses and short skirts with sequin detail.

Add some sparkle to your outfit by grabbing a glitzy clutch. Small and compact, it fits just what you need for a night out.

Silver sequined purse