Top 5 Trends for Fall 2012: Guest Post by Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan

My celebrity clients and boutique customers are always on the lookout for the next must-have trend—and it’s up to me to find it for them. That’s why I travel to Paris, Milan, and New York each season to hand pick the most coveted designer pieces. And while I’ve seen a number of great new trends on the runways this fall, one thing many of them have in common is that they’re great examples of how plastics can inspire designers’ creativity.

Here are my top five favorite trends for fall, all of which take advantage of the versatility of plastics:

  • Plastic faux leather: One of the hottest trends I’ve seen on the runways this season is plastic faux leather accessories, especially knee-high boots. These pieces help pull together any fall outfit, and the plastic faux leather offers so many advantages: warmth, weather-resistance, and durability, just to name a few. Plus, plastic materials are often very affordable and can help you achieve a high-end look for a fraction of the price.
  • Metallics: Another must-have trend this season is metallic-looking pieces—blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, and accessories with shimmering fibers woven throughout for a luxurious look. These metallic threads have the appearance of silver or gold, but they’re actually made with durable, lightweight plastics, so they’re easy to wear and care for.
  • Sheer fabrics: Sheer fabrics are big this fall for blouses, dresses, and even pants. You can get this look with polyester plastic chiffon, a sheer fabric with a beautiful, flowing drape. Polyester plastic chiffon is more durable and less prone to wrinkles than some other sheer fabrics—not to mention more affordable.
  • Bold, bright handbags: If you’re looking to inject a little color into your fall wardrobe, but aren’t sure where to start, I have your answer: a bold, bright handbag made with weather-resistant plastics. These bags are available in every imaginable size and shape, whether you’re looking for a small clutch or a large carryall. And plastics are not only more budget-friendly than many other materials, but they also stand up to fall and winter weather.
  • Eco-chic fashion: I’ve been working in the fashion industry for more than a decade, and one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen is the increased popularity of recycled plastic fabric to make stylish clothing. Used plastic bottles are cleaned and melted down; then the plastic is stretched into a fine thread, which is woven into fabric. Many of the hottest designers have embraced recycled plastic fabrics as the new go-to material for a wide variety of sustainable fashion, from T-shirts to dresses to accessories.

These five trends are just a few examples of the wide range of fashion made possible by plastics. In fact, most of us wear plastics every day. Plastics give skinny jeans their stretch. They help give dresses shape. They give our swimsuits a flattering, body-hugging fit. They give winter coats warmth without bulk. And plastics are both durable and affordable, so clothes made with them can help save money—right now and for seasons to come.

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