Plastic Feather Hair Extensions: A Cool Twist on a Hot Trend

Plastic feather hair extensions

Feather “hair extensions” are a hot fashion trend today, made popular by celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Miley Cyrus, and Ke$ha. The feathers’ wide variety of colors and patterns are part of the hippie-rocker look these stars have popularized. For many fashionistas, these hair extensions have become the must-have accessory of 2011.

However, some people are raising concerns over the source of these feathers: roosters that are specially bred to grow these feathers. Until recently, these feathers had been primarily used to create fly-fishing lures. The new hair extension fashion trend has increased demand for these feathers, according to news reports—along with questions about the health, safety and longevity of these roosters.

Thanks to plastics, there’s an alternative. Feathers made with plastic fibers that look like rooster feathers are becoming increasingly available on the Internet and in salons. These plastic feathers look and feel like the real thing, last up to three months, and can be washed and styled along with your hair. And they’re affordable compared to rooster feathers that can sell for hundreds of dollars each.