Plastic Fabric Helps Reduce Traveling Stress

Airport luggage

Business trips, vacations, and holiday travel often come with weather delays, crowded airports and traffic delays—but for many travelers, packing is the most stressful part of travel. This can be especially true for women who want to pack lightly but still have the perfect outfit for any occasion. Women travelers today can set aside some of those packing woes thanks to apparel made with plastics, such as spandex, polyester, rayon, faux leather, and others.

Items made with polyester fabric are versatile, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. This is because polyester fibers are specially engineered to retain their shape and stay smooth, even after being folded in a suitcase. Pieces such as day-to-night sleeveless tops and pants in basic colors are incredibly versatile.  These staples can be dressed up or down with just a few accessories (often made with lightweight plastics), creating whole new looks without the extra luggage.

Bringing the perfect shoes is always a challenging part of packing because they take up so much space in a suitcase and can be heavy. A pair of boots can complement nearly any outfit combination and is appropriate for both day and night activities. Knee-high faux-leather boots are not only lightweight for packing but they are also comfortable for an all-day walk-about—and they can transition seamlessly into sophisticated evening wear with only a few minor outfit adjustments.

A classic piece that works for almost any occasion is a stylish blazer with a bit of spandex for comfort and stretch. This plastic fabric also helps the blazer keep its fitted form, making it look as if it were made-to-measure. This day-to-night style is wrinkle-resistant, goes with jeans, skirts or dress pants, and is perfect for a night on the town, dinner with friends, or shopping.

Jeans also are heavy and can take up space in a suitcase, so it’s a good idea to choose just one great pair for a trip. Skinny jeans in a dark wash go with nearly everything and can be worn with flats during the day and patent leather (plastic) heels at night. The stretchy spandex in most skinny jeans helps ensure a flattering fit that will retain its shape throughout the entire trip.

A scarf is a great way to change a look instantly. A rayon or rayon blend scarf with a distinctive print—or embellished with plastic sequins—is the ideal accessory since it can be paired with fancy or casual outfits and also provide a bit of warmth on a chilly day or night. What’s more, it’s lightweight and takes up very little space in a suitcase.

So many of our go-to fashion staples are made possible by plastics, making it easier to choose a few great pieces that will look chic, fresh, and fashionable—even on the go. These plastic fabrics and materials help make packing for that upcoming trip a bit less daunting.

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