Fall Fashion for Hair and Nail with the Help of Plastics


Fall fashions for hair and nails have made the leap from designer runways to city streets. These trends run the gamut from refined to edgy – and many are made possible with the help of plastics! Instead of staying out of reach in high-end salons and boutiques, these looks are affordable, readily available, and easy for you to re-create.


  • Nail wraps, made from a flexible plastic that adheres to the nail when heat is applied, are all the rage among celebrities and fashionistas right now. Nail wraps last longer than a traditional manicure and can create intricate designs that would be impossible to achieve with polish. Especially popular are high-shine, metallic-looking shades that have the appearance of silver or gold.
  • Nails with colorful, geometric shapes were all over fall runways this year. It’s easy to create this look at home or in your nail salon with flexible, plastic decals that adhere to dry polish. You can vary the size, shape or color of the decals for fun, unexpected twists. Also trendy right now are stick-on, plastic crystals that give your manicure some extra sparkle.
  • A unique, creative look seen on several designer runways this year was textured, 3D nails, achieved by applying glue to nails and dipping them in plastic glitter—either the whole nail or just the tip. Another version of this trend is “caviar nails.” For this look, nail artists paint nails black or dark purple and then glue on tiny, black, plastic beads.


  • Narrow, black headbands were a huge hit on fall runways this year, often paired with tousled up-dos or sleek ponytails, and this look is easily replicated at home. To ensure a secure fit, look for headbands made with fabric-wrapped hard plastic or stretchy spandex plastic.
  • This summer’s feather trend carried over onto fall runways, with bits of plumage peeking out of sleek ponytails or braids. For an animal-friendly version of this trend, try plastic feathers – they look just like natural feathers but can be much less expensive.
  • Braids, from sleek and sophisticated to casual and messy, were another huge trend on runways this year. Designers often weaved bits of fabric made with shimmering, metallic-looking Lurex® plastic fibers into the braids to echo the sumptuous fabrics used in the collections. Even if you can’t afford designer clothes, this trend makes it easy to add a luxurious touch to your look.
  • Many celebrities and other trendsetters have been spotted lately with streaks of brightly colored hair. Thanks to plastics, you can have this look without having to commit to long-term color. Brightly colored plastic extensions that clip into hair look just like the real thing, and they cost a fraction of the price of a salon dye job.