Extending Beauty with Fast Fusion Plastic Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions 9-10

Plastics make possible many of today’s fashion-forward looks, including several of the most popular hair-lengthening systems.

For example, many high-end hair extensions use a “cold fusion” system which uses plastic to bond hair extensions to the client’s natural hair near the roots. A special tool creates an ultrasonic vibration to make the plastic pliable so it can bond a small section of hair to the extension, which makes the transition from real hair to extension smooth and flat.

A new system on the horizon will soon enable stylists to apply several strands at once. This new “fast fusion” technique makes use of air pressure and stylists claim it can be used to apply extensions up to four times faster.

Although fusion bonding is not inexpensive, it makes high quality, long lasting and attractive hair extensions possible. Whether using cold or fast fusion, these bonding techniques rely on plastics to extend the limits of fashion.