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Fashion is always changing—but its reliance on plastics is here to stay. Check out the latest styles and trends using plastics, from Bakelite and Lucite to recycled fabrics and faux fur.

Plastic Nail Art Puts Fashion at Your Fingertips

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A comparison between women’s swimsuits from two different time periods

From Burlap to Bikinis: A Women's Swimwear Timeline

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  • Kuhl Uses Plastic Based Fabric to Put Coffee in Clothes
    Plastic Shapewear Will Help You Stay Sleek, Svelte and Chic A good cup of coffee goes a long way to wake you up, but did you know recycled coffee grounds can be added to polyester to give your outdoor gear an antimicrobial finish? Watch the Video
  • Outdoor retailers exhibition
    Plastic Clothing and Gear at the Outdoor Retailer Exhibition What do you get when you pack outdoors fanatics into a massive exhibit hall with a plethora of outfitters touting their latest merchandise? A whole lot of excitement. And maybe a little claustrophobia … Check it out!
  • Sustainable Plastic Clothing
    Recycled Plastic Fabrics: A Hot Fashion Trend What do skinny jeans, rugged fleece jackets, and Sandra Bullock’s 2010 Golden Globes dress have in common? They’re all made possible by plastics! Read More