WesFeld Debuts at New York Fashion Week 2009

Despite heavy snow and a room full of other emerging designers, Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld stole the show with their plastic-based collection this February at New York Spring Fashion Week. As one party-goer wrote, “Nault and Feld drew inspiration for the collection from their favorite movie, What Dreams May Come. The result was a breathtaking (literally-people were gasping as the models marched out)” (via WordCouture)

Host Molly Sims introduced the designers at the star-studded event, see for yourself!

https://www.vimeo.com/9660602Gen Art “New Garde” Sizzle ReelT3M48Shttp://i.vimeocdn.com/video/48474199-6e85c13eb09f3d6fd0072a6f1ce40f200dcd5f3acf43cbcaf654050a51fe1903-d_200x150