Meet Design Competition Winner WesFeld

WesFeld winning design

After sifting through 161 entries, 322 looks, and more than 5,000 online comments, we’re proud to announce that the design team of Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld (together known to the fashion world as WesFeld) are the 2009 Plastics Make it PossibleSM Design Competition winners! The contest, launched by the American Chemistry Council and Gen Art in October of 2009, challenged designers to create two women’s wear “looks” made from plastic or plastic-based materials. Designers were enticed by the offer of a $10,000 stipend and an opportunity to show a plastic-based line at New York Fashion Week in February 2010.

Though competition was fierce, WesFeld rose to the top with their use of plastics in creating the two looks they submitted.  These wave-like dresses feature materials, such as poly-organza and poly-taffeta, while plastic woven interfacing and plastic boning structure each panel. Even the piping, which gives the dress a satin-like luxury shimmer, is poly. From fiber to fit, these shell inspired gowns truly are made possible by plastics.

Thanks again to all of the talented designers who contributed their and hard work and gorgeous ideas. We hope you all will join us in congratulating Wesley and Daniel as they collect their $10,000 stipend to create their first full collection. Come back often to keep tabs on Wesley and Daniel’s progress as they work toward unveiling their collection at the kickoff of New York Fashion Week 2010!

Here are a few of the shots of the winning looks the team submitted for the competition:

Wesfeld Winning Look
Wesfeld Winning Look
Wesfeld Winning Look

About WesFeld:

WesFeld is a collaborative duo that joined forces to design the future in luxury American fashion.  Formerly competitors on the 5th season of Project Runway, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault decided to team up shortly after the show wrapped filming in 2008.  Now the two focus their talent and energy on being at the forefront of fashion.

Daniel and Wesley share similar aesthetics and influences from nature, often resulting in a juxtaposition of raw emotional power and focused rational thought.

Both were formally educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and in their early careers collectively apprenticed with design icons that include Donna Karan, Melinda Eng, Heatherette, Nicholas Patrou, Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.  Their credentials also include costuming and designing for several theatrical companies, such as Sotu Productions and the Box.  Daniel and Wesley share similar aesthetics and influences from nature, often resulting in a juxtaposition of raw emotional power and focused rational thought.  The duo strives to push the boundaries of fashion to design their own interpretation of beauty, innovation and fantasy.

In 2008, WesFeld received the honor of working with the Steinbrenners to create custom uniforms for the luxury suite staff of the new Yankee Stadium that opened in April of 2009. Since then, the pair has created numerous costumes including show attire for the openings of the Hilton Hotel in Berlin, the Detroit Institute of Art’s Annual Gala, and the Horseshoe Casino in Chicago. Other projects include dresses for Maybelline; People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People event; the Ovarian Cancer Charity Auction; promotional outfits for the Audi A-4 car launch; and an edible vegetable dress for Food & Wine.  In 2009 WesFeld became spokespersons for Brother International, speaking at conferences and hosting more intimate workshops with young aspiring talent at several design schools. While juggling many side projects, the team has worked persistently on a powerful capsule collection.

The press has also taken an interest in the pair.  Daniel and Wesley have appeared on the cover of the New York Post and featured in MTV News, Time Out New York, People Magazine, Yankees Magazine, Maariv, Luxury Fashion, Food and Wine, Noise and Plastique among other publications.