Plastic Nail Art Puts Fashion at Your Fingertips

Rihanna Nail Art

What do Vanessa Hudgens, Pink and Beyoncé wear on their finger nails? Art. Plastic nail art.

Face it, every girl loves salon perfect nails. Problem is those fancy manicures just don’t last very long.

But that’s changing now that longer lasting, more durable nail art has hit the scene—thanks to plastics.

What is Plastic Nail Art?

Often called gel nails or nail art, this trendy innovation is a decorative plastic film that sticks to nails like shrink wrap when heated. The nail art can last up to two weeks on finger nails—and even longer on toes. Plastic nail art is prefabricated in myriad colors, patterns and designs. They can even be personalized to create countless options … right at your fingertips!

The Latest Plastic Nail Art Trends

Many celebrities are embracing the trend. In fact, plastic nail art is seen on many of the models and fashionistas at fashion week.

Need some manicure ideas? Recent trends for plastic nail art include:

  • Marbled nail colors
  • Matte polish
  • Ombre nails
  • Accent nails
  • Angled French manicures

Plastic nail art is fast becoming available at many nail salons and spas across the country, so it’s easy to hop on this trend. These artsy little creations take only a bit longer to apply than a traditional mani or pedi.

No time for a salon manicure? There also are some do-it-yourself plastic nail art options that are more affordable and easy to apply at home.

What plastic nail art trends have caught your eye? Let us know!