Eco Fashion Styles at New York Fashion Week

Women walking on a fashion runway

You may know New York Fashion Week as a time when cutting-edge designers unveil their visions of the upcoming season’s fashions. But you may not know that many of the innovative new looks on display this year were made possible by plastics—including many eco-fashionable pieces made with recycled plastics.

How Plastics Play a Role in Eco Fashion

Plastics have long been used in our favorite styles, ranging from the everyday to the haute couture. Spandex (a plastic) that gives skinny jeans a bit of stretch. Polyester (another plastic) gives blouses and dresses a sheer, flowing drape. Insulating fleece (often plastic) provides winter warmth without bulk. And new technologies today allow soft, durable, versatile fabrics—even accessories such as bangles and bags—to be made with recycled plastics.

Many fashion designers have embraced this sustainable style, turning recycled plastics and “eco-chic” clothing into a booming trend.

Eco Fashion: Plastics Make it Possible®

Plastics Make it Possible® hosted New York Fashion Week’s Bloggers Night Out and teamed up with four influential fashion bloggers to spread the word about this increasingly popular eco fashion trend. During the invitation-only event, the bloggers unveiled four ensembles created using on-trend pieces made with plastics and recycled plastics.

The Bloggers Night Out organization is operated by fashion bloggers to promote the exchange of ideas and celebrate a love of fashion. Blogger Jill Gott-Gleason from Good Life for Less went for old-school glamour in her ensemble, selecting plastic cat-eye sunglasses, a tailored, ’60s-inspired polyester blouse, and a feminine, high-waisted, full skirt made from nylon and polyester.

For her boho-chic look, Jena Gambaccini from Chi City Fashion paired a pleated plastic-blend chiffon maxi skirt with a sheer, day-to-night, button-down polyester tunic.

Erika Thomas from Blah Blah Blonde created a very on-trend color blocked look with a short-sleeved, boxy top and dark, stretch skinny jeans made with spandex, plus a form-fitting bright green polyester and spandex blazer for a pop of color.

And Jasmine Anderson from Fashion Grail showed that plastics make it possible to achieve a luxurious look on a limited budget by combining a breezy chiffon blouse made from recycled polyester, stretch white denim with spandex, and a brightly colored blazer made with a blend of polyester and spandex.

Eco Fashion isn’t Just for Haute Couture

Recycled plastics are not at all limited to exclusive designer collections shown at New York Fashion Week: eco fashions are readily available beyond the runway. A wide range of fashionable clothes, shoes, and handbags suitable for nearly any budget is made with recycled plastics, making it possible for consumers to do something good for the environment and their wardrobes.

We’d like to thank our bloggers for creating these amazing looks and joining Plastics Make it Possible® at New York Fashion Week!