10 Tricks for Packing Light on Road Trips

Backpack image

Whenever I go on a trip, I pack everything I’ll need in a tote bag and my trusty Titan Weekender, which features a durable plastic exterior shell to help keep all contents safe and sound. Yes, I own the one in hot pink. I do the same for each member of the family.

Whether you are gone for a week or a month, only pack for one week. To pack even smarter and, hopefully, a little lighter, try these tricks for packing success:

  1. Clear, resealable plastic Ziploc Bags will get you everywhere. Separate outfits by day in larger bags and then label. Fill the smaller sizes with hair accessories and other small items.
  2. Don’t go overboard. You don’t need diapers for the whole trip. Bring enough for a few days, and then stock up along the way. Same goes for beverages, formula, and food. Make sure to bring reusable plastic bags for garbage and other waste for easy disposal at your next stop.
  3. Pack small snacks in airtight plastic containers to keep them fresh. We like raisins, cereal, trail mix, and granola bars. They’ll keep for the entire trip and won’t take up a lot of room. For a fun snack, get some smarties. These are great for toddlers (won’t choke them) and parents alike.
  4. Leave the big items at home. You don’t need your massive jogging stroller. Really. You also don’t need your pack-n-play (call ahead to confirm your lodging has one) or a load of toys.
  5. Pack solids for everyone. You’ll be able to mix and match like a pro, adding one chunky necklace for a special night out.
  6. Two pairs of shoes only. You’ll need a pair you can wear everyday, and a back up pair of lightweight and water-resistant plastic foam flip-flops. These are also great options for heading to the pool or beach.
  7. Bring one of each. One pair of shorts, one skirt, etc… there is no reason you’ll need three pairs of jeans. One will do just fine. The only things you should have two or more of are socks and undergarments.
  8. Use a checklist.
  9. Bring two larger plastics bags per bag: one for dirty clothes, the other for shoes.
  10. Breathe. Remember you’re going on this to have FUN!