Plastic Gas Tanks Increase Fuel Efficiency: Trisha Hessinger Explains Gas Tanks Mean Lighter Cars: Trisha Hessinger Explains How Plastics Make it PossibleIt used to be that the design of a car was contingent on its engine. Today's cars, however, use the versitility of plastics to design gas tanks in more flexible and efficient ways. In addition to more innovative designs, plastic fuel tanks help decrease the overall weight of the car which helps consumers save more money at the pump!T0M30S

In this video, National Automotive Commentator Trish Hessinger talks about the many benefits of plastic gas tanks. Cars used to be designed around square gas tanks, but plastic fuel tanks have led to new design innovations—and fuel efficiency is just the beginning.

“Did you know that auto makers used to build their cars around the bulky, square gas tank? Now they can design the car first and the gas tank afterwards because of innovative, customized plastic molding that can take advantage of leftover package space. Some gas tanks take on unusual shapes like this one. And because new gas tanks are plastic, they’re corrosion-resistant, hopefully extending their life and performance. Finally, plastic parts help save weight, which means you may save some dough at the pump.”