Plastics are vital to a wide array of safety and performance features in our cars and trucks. Today’s plastics make up 50 percent of the volume of a car, but contribute only 10 percent of the vehicle’s weight, helping to advance fuel efficiency. Explore the latest innovations and check out our recent auto events.

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Automakers Turn to Plastics for Increased Fuel Efficiency

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Auto Alliance Highlights Plastic Innovations in Cars

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    How Plastics Help Improve Fuel Efficiency Plastics make up an astonishing 50 percent of today’s cars by volume—but only 10 percent by weight. This “lightweighting” results in less strain on the engine and improved gas mileage. In other words, more plastics leads to less fuel use. Learn More
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    Plastics in Cars Help Protect You and Your Loved Ones on the Road In the face of an annual average of more than 6 million auto crashes on U.S. roads, it’s good to know that many plastic vehicle components contribute greatly to reducing the potential for injury. See Examples