Plastics are vital to a wide array of safety and performance features in our cars and trucks. Explore the latest innovations.

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    Road Trip! How to Keep Food Fresh and Reduce Packaging Waste Eating on a road trip can be tricky. Done right: healthful, fresh snacks. Done wrong: a dubious bread/meat/cheese combo. We vote for healthful and fresh. Here's How
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    What Protects Us? (Hint: Plastics) More and more, we’re relying on new and rapidly evolving hi-tech materials (plastics) to keep us safe. Materials that we created over the past century… and mostly just over the past few decades. Explore Here
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    Shouldn’t It Be Easier to Fix Our Cars? Reversible Bonding Research May Show the Way. Today’s cars and trucks are technological marvels. Due to modern innovations, we now drive the safest, best-designed, most fuel-efficient cars. Ever. Learn More
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    Recycling Plastics: A Win-Win Scenario for Automakers Automakers looking to lighten their environment footprint are turning to recycled plastics as a material of choice for a wide range of high-quality vehicle parts. Learn More
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    Automobile Safety Using Plastics More than Ever Tough, lightweight plastics have helped protect drivers and passengers for decades, and they continue to inspire new innovations in automotive safety. Learn More
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    Automotive Plastics Play Key Role as Automakers Seek to Build Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Lightweight, durable plastics enable automakers to achieve environmental goals—without compromising the advanced safety and design features today's consumers look for in their vehicles. Learn More