Plastics are vital to a wide array of safety and performance features in our cars and trucks. Explore the latest innovations and check out our recent auto events.

Fuel Efficiency

Automakers Turn to Plastics for Increased Fuel Efficiency

Check Out How Plastics Can Help Create Greener Vehicles
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Auto Events & Initiatives

SXSW ECO Panel: This is Not Your Father’s Automobile Industry

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    The Promise of Plastics-to-Fuel Today, a growing number of technologies promise to recover an increasing portion of the energy from used plastics. Typically called “plastics-to-fuel,” the technologies convert plastics into useful fuels or into feedstocks for new products. Learn More
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    Plastics in Cars Help Protect You and Your Loved Ones on the Road In the face of an annual average of more than 6 million auto crashes on U.S. roads, it’s good to know that many plastic vehicle components contribute greatly to reducing the potential for injury. See Examples