Treat Your Pets to These Recycled Plastic Products

Puppies with multicolored balls in the background

While we humans can choose from many products made with recycled plastics that help us close the recycling loop, what about our furry, four-legged friends? How can they help recycle?

No worries, Max and Maggie.  Whether at meals, play or rest, there now is a wide range of pet products made with recycled plastics.

Whitney Works

At mealtime, Max and Maggie can chow down in green style with recycled plastic pet feeders from Whitney Works.  These feeders are made with various types of plastics, not only the familiar beverage bottle plastic.  (And the company’s recycled plastic pet gate helps put both plastics and your pets in their rightful place.)

West Paw Design

During playtime, recycled plastic toys can entertain your pets while recapturing the value of plastics. West Paw Design has a large selection of clever toys made from recycled plastic bottles for both dogs and cats that are plush, tough and durable like traditional plastic pet toys.

“West Paw Design uses 80 plastic bottles to make a medium size pet bed…”

At rest time, why not pamper your furry friends with a mat, blanket or cushion that is both comfy and easier on the environment? Max and Maggie can rest easy on West Paw Design’s durable, machine washable pet bedding made with soft yet resilient recycled plastic from beverage bottles. The recycled plastic is used both for the fabrics and the filling. West Paw Design uses 80 plastic bottles to make a medium size pet bed – the company says it has diverted more than 4.6 million plastic bottles from waste!

Granted, Max and Maggie may not spend a lot of time pondering ways to reduce their pawprint on the Earth. But we all can help them by recycling and seeking out these and other pet products made with recycled plastics.