Loll Designs Furniture with Eco Cred

Woman relaxing in red plastic chair

By: Sharon Larson, Sales and Marketing, Loll Designs

Not many high-end furniture companies start with a skateboard, but Loll Designs isn’t your typical furniture manufacturer. Established by the founders of TrueRide, a skateboard park building and design company, Loll Designs was established when TrueRide founders wanted to create a sustainable alternative to landfilling their construction waste.

The result is sleek and modern all-weather outdoor furniture and accessories made of 100 percent recycled plastic, like milk jugs. In fact, for every pound of weight in a Loll chair there is an estimated eight recycled milk jugs which are fully recyclable at the end of their useful lives. Functional and stylish, our take on classic outdoor furniture like the Adirondack chair has earned them many followers. Loll Designs’ outdoor furniture has quickly gained attention and accolades from both the design and the green communities, proving that green design is anything from crunchy.

Loll Designs’ furniture is not just eco-friendly, but also easy to own and care for. Made of brightly-hued plastic, we use no paints or finishes on our furniture, requiring almost zero maintenance, and require only a little soap and water if they need to be cleaned.

Loll Designs’ commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at our product design. Our main offices and manufacturing facility, a renovated manufacturing facility in Duluth, Minnesota, has been transformed into a green Mecca. Filled with natural light, the facility features passive solar heating, natural ventilation, and almost 100 percent waste diversion from its manufacturing processes. Loll also times its manufacturing to minimize energy use.

More than just a furniture company, Loll Designs is sustainable from top to toe. From our popular, sharp design perspective to the trees they plant for every order, Loll proves that you can be green with style. Check us out at