How LG Electronics Supports Recycling

LG Phone

LG Mobile Phones is one of the fastest growing mobile phone brands in North America and a leader in helping consumers “close the recycling loop.”

Plastics Make it Possible SM recently talked to Jason Todd, Associate Manager, Experiential Team, Consumer Marketing for LG Electronics about how they are encouraging consumers to recycle more and buy products made from recycled materials.

November 15th is America Recycles Day. Does LG recycle?

LG Mobile Phones recycles daily. We work with Materials Processing Corporation (MPC), a company that has been processing and recycling electronic equipment for over 20-years. MPC has been recognized for its proficiency and commitment to the appropriate environmental processing and recycling of electronic materials. LG Mobile Phones not only works with MPC, but we also work with other companies to properly and safely recycle our office materials such as paper, packaging and office electronics.

Why is recycling important to LG as a company?

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of Earth’s limited resources. It’s been a rewarding journey to share this outlook with our consumers.

What is the LG ecoMobilize program?

“When the Earth wins, you win.” That’s the underlying premise of LG ecoMobilization, an innovative e-cycling initiative that makes it both easy and rewarding for consumers to help reduce the harmful effects of e-waste on the environment. LG ecoMobilization was founded in 2008 and has since collected a half a million phones by enabling everybody to easily recycle any manufacturer’s mobile products via prepaid mailer, drop off bins and community collections.

How does LG incorporate recycled plastics into its products?

LG Mobile Phones use recycled plastics and other materials in select mobile phone packaging and handsets.

Tell us about the Remarq – what kind of recycled materials is it made out of?

LG Remarq’s outer casing is made from 19 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and the handset as a whole is 87 percent recyclable. The device meets strict restriction of hazardous substances RoHS standards for restriction of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Its packaging is fully recyclable and features a brown craft paper exterior made from 87 percent post consumer material (PCM).

Why is it important for consumers to recycle their mobile phones and electronics?

An estimated 130 million mobile phones will end up in U.S. landfills this year and the average household has 2.9 phones collecting dust in their house. Not only does mobile phone and electronic recycling have an immediate effect on our surroundings, it is a true contributor to a sustainable earth.

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