Green Gift Ideas for the Holidays Made with Recycled Plastics

Recycled Gifts

Finding meaningful gifts for family and friends is a favorite holiday season tradition. But what if you also could do something meaningful for the environment at the same time? It’s easy with these green gift ideas!

With the growing range of products made with recycled plastics, it now is easier than ever to find gifts that add a bit of recycled content “eco-friendliness” to your list—by giving new life to used plastics. Here are some examples:

Green Gift Ideas for Entertaining

Need gift ideas for someone who loves to cook or entertain? Consider kitchen tools made with recycled plastics, such as a distinctive serving bowl and spoons made with durable recycled polypropylene. For someone who loves picnics or tailgates, consider reusable tableware packaged in a fun tote bag, plus a reusable travel mug and lunch kit—all made with recycled plastics.

Green Gift Ideas for Clothing and Accessories

It’s getting easier to shop for a fashion fan while keeping the environment in mind. Just consider these recycled gift ideas. Several stylish, high-end retailers now offer fashionable clothing made with recycled plastic fabrics, from jackets to dresses. A warm, cozy fleece jacket made with recycled plastic bottles makes a great sustainable gift idea. And if you know someone who loves accessories, a messenger bag made with recycled plastics is sure to please.

Green Gift Ideas for Tech Accessories

The tech lover on your list may appreciate laptop, cell phone, or tablet accessories made with recycled plastics. A laptop sleeve made with recycled plastic bottles is a stylish way to protect equipment while helping keep valuable plastics out of landfills. A bright recycled plastic case adds a pop of color to a cell phone—plus the durability of plastics helps protect it from drops and scratches. And a tablet case made with cushioning recycled plastic fleece combines fashion and function—with a nod to the environment. All great sustainable gift ideas…

Green Gift Ideas for Home Décor

A variety of decorative and functional gift ideas for today’s home are made with recycled plastics. The home decorator on your list may like a colorful rug woven with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. For fans of bold design, consider a set of patterned seating cubes or designer baskets made with recycled polypropylene to add a bright pop of color to a room. Or consider the gift of warmth with a luxurious fleece blanket made with plastic bottles that have been recycled and woven into a soft yet durable fabric.

Green Gift Ideas for Toys

Toys made with recycled plastics offer the gift giver an opportunity to discuss the ABCs of recycling and sustainability with the young set. From trucks, tea sets and airplanes to blocks, it’s easy to find fun recycled gift ideas that turn used plastic milk jugs and other everyday plastics into a valuable resource … as well as a unique lesson in sustainability for little ones.