What Happens To Recycled Plastics

Did you know today’s milk jug could be tomorrow’s kitchen cutting board? Learn more about what recycled plastics can become—from everyday household products to haute couture. There’s a world of possibility when you do your part and recycle.

  • Graphic showing different items a plastic Coke bottle can be recycled into.
    Coca-Cola Gives Bottles a Second Life See how Coca-Cola is using plastic bottles to create new and stylish items. Check Out the Infographic
  • Two puppies next to many colored plastic balls
    Treat Your Pets to Recycled Plastic Products Check out these recycled plastic products for your four-legged friends, from recycled plastic pet bedding to recycled plastic toys. Learn More
  • Graphic of plastic water bottles next to a black dress
    From Plastic Bottles to Eco Fashion Did you know that new recycling technologies allow used plastics to be turned into soft, versatile fabric for clothing? See How It Works
  • Clear plastic water bottles
    Plastic Recycling Myths Dispelled The Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers Answers Readers' Questions Get the Facts