Schools Create Gardens Made with Recycled Plastics

Group of young children

Plastics Make it Possible® has partnered with Woolly Pocket to provide schools throughout the country with space-saving gardens made with recycled plastic bottles. The self-contained garden pockets help students learn valuable lessons in gardening, nutrition, and how plastics are recycled into new products.

Woolly Pocket, a company based in Los Angeles, creates flexible, breathable gardening containers made with recycled plastics. Woolly pockets come in all shapes and sizes and can contain a variety of plants and vegetation that normally would grow in the ground or traditional planters. Woolly Pockets use little space, which makes them particularly suitable for creating gardens at schools and in urban settings.

Woolly Pocket has launched a program that offers participating schools the foundation to create outdoor gardens – in other words, edible education.

Through a donation to the Woolly Schools Garden program, Plastics Make it Possible® provided 10 schools in need with the supplies to grow their own gardens!

  1. Harriet Tubman Leadership Academy for Young Women (Portland, OR)
  2. Paul Cuffe Elementary (Chicago, IL)
  3. Belmont Charter School (Philadelphia, PA)
  4. Dominion Trail Elementary (Ashburn, VA)
  5. Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center (Miami Beach, FL)
  6. Mark Twain Elementary (Richardson, TX)
  7. Cogswell Elementary (El Monte, CA)
  8. Crawford W. Long Middle School (Atlanta, GA)
  9. Gompers Middle School (Los Angeles, CA)
  10. Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy (San Francisco, CA)

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