Celebrate Earth Day: Recycle!

Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day—the perfect time to think about how we can make a difference to help our Mother Earth.

Recycling plastic bottles and bags is one thing that everyone can do to help make a difference, not just because it keeps valuable materials out of landfills, but because the plastic bottles and bags you recycle can live “second lives” as other products such as carpeting, a tote bag, furniture or even a stylish T-shirt. In fact, 81 percent of Americans say they want to buy and/or wear clothing made from recycled materials!

So how do you “close the recycling loop”? Leave a comment below letting us know about the cool recycled content products you use every day or share your tips for recycling more plastics this Earth Day.

Also, check out @plasticpossible on Twitter for the chance to win a cool t-shirt made from eight recycled plastics bottles!