America Recycles Day 2010

November 15 is America Recycles Day! It’s the perfect time to celebrate not only recycling plastics and other materials, but also closing the ‘recycling loop’ by purchasing products made from recycled materials. More than 80 percent of Americans say they feel more “green” when they buy products for the home that are made from recycled plastics or other recycled materials, according to a recent survey conducted by  Plastics Make it PossibleSM.

Recycling plastic bottles and bags is one thing that everyone can do to help make a difference, not just because it keeps valuable materials out of landfills, but because the plastic bottles and bags you recycle can live “second lives” as other products such as carpeting, a tote bag, furniture or even a stylish T-shirt.  In fact, 81 percent of Americans say they want to buy and/or wear clothing made from recycled materials!