Tips for Recycling Plastic Bags, Bottles, Wraps and More

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Recycling plastic doesn’t have to be a challenge. These recycling tips will help you recycle more of the plastic packaging you use at home, from plastic bags and bottles to plastic lids, cups and wraps.

Remember: recycling plastic can keep valuable resources out of landfills and enables creation of recycled plastic products such as composite decking, t-shirts and toys.

Recycling Tip #1: Recycle Plastic Bottles

In addition to milk jugs and beverage bottles, remember to recycle plastic bottles from salad dressing, cooking oil and condiments; food jars from peanut butter and mayonnaise; bottles from shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, fabric softener and household cleaners.

Recycling Tip #2: Recycle Plastic Bags and Wraps

You can recycle plastic bags at many major grocery store chains. Remember to include your grocery and retail bags, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, and wraps from bread, bathroom tissue, paper towels, beverage cases, diapers and baby wipes.

Recycling Tip #3: Recycle Food Storage Bags

Sealable plastic food storage and freezer bags can be recycled at the same major grocery stores that collect plastic bags. Remember to remove the sealing mechanism or zipper and be sure bags are clean (no food remnants) and dry.

Recycling Tip #4: Recycle Containers, Cups and Lids

More and more communities are recycling plastic containers in addition to bottles. Check your community’s website to see if yogurt cups, butter tubs, deli containers, lids and other plastics are collected.