That Moment You Really Needed Just a Little Bit of Plastic – The Sequel to the Sequel

bike helmet, boy fell from bicycle

Life can be challenging. Even more so without plastics. Here are some moments when everyday plastics could have saved your day. And one moment when it could save your life.


That moment you realized the people in the row behind you were going to jabber loudly during the entire flight.

Time for a good book and some spongy little earplugs. And then a long, peaceful nap…


That moment right before your dinner guests arrived … and the kitchen sink was clogged.

That little plastic drain snake would come in really handy right now.


That moment your little one skinned his knee and needed some TLC.

bike helmet, boy fell from bicycle

Somehow, those little adhesive bandage strips magically make the pain go away. Especially the colorful ones. (Knee and elbow pads could help, too.)


That moment your teenager actually offered to help… then dropped the metal toolbox and dented your hardwood floor.

wood floor, floor damage

Tell him not to worry. Nothing a little plastic wood can’t hide.


That moment you realized that hanging your art collection created way too many holes in the wall.

hanging photos

Just pick up some of those grippy little hanging strips at the store. Stick, click, hang, done, no holes. (And removing those little strips from the wall is a totally Zen experience.)


That moment your daughter moved into her first rental. “So… what do ya think of the wallpaper, Mom?”

ugly wallpaper

A few rolls of removable wall covering can update this travesty. And she can take it with her to her next dreadful place.


That moment you finished your bowl of popcorn and you couldn’t think of anything but GETTING THE POPCORN UNSTUCK FROM YOUR TEETH!

stuck in teeth

A little bit of floss between your teeth and… relief.


That moment your brand new stainless steel fridge is delivered… and it’s scratched.

fridge, scratched fridge

Next time, tell the delivery crew to leave the protective plastic film on your appliances.


That moment you noticed the plastic seal on a new food jar was broken… and wondered: should I eat this?

searching in fridge

Willing to risk it? Hmmm. That little seal is there for a good reason.


And hopefully you will never have this moment.

flotation device

A boating trip gone bad. A little too much to drink. A little too close to the rail. Next time: wear a life vest. Because sometimes a little bit of plastic can be the most important thing in the world.

Meeting life’s challenges can be… challenging. In these moments, sometimes all you need is a little bit of plastic.

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