Use Less Stuff by Recycling This Holiday Season

Recycle This Christmas

Use Less Stuff Editor Bob Lilienfeld shares his tips for how to reduce, reuse and recycle for a greener holiday season.

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Some of his great tips include:

  • Buy a set of inexpensive plastic containers so that you can pack extra food to go with your party guests
  • Reuse items like plastic grocery bags around the house and recycle them at the grocery store when you’re done
  • Explore creative ways to reuse items like bags and bows for wrapping gifts instead of throwing them away

Bob Lilienfeld is a nationally recognized expert on waste reduction who has appeared on more than 150 television and radio news programs across the country, including CBS Late Night, CNN, MSNBC, Nova, VH-1 and National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, The Environment Report and Living on Earth. He provides commentary for public radio and hosts Use Less Stuff on Fox, a monthly segment for FOX TV’s morning news.  He also is the editor of the “Use Less Stuff Report,” which is dedicated to helping people understand the benefits of creating less waste in the first place.

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