Bin It: The New Recycling Game for the iPhone and iPad

Bin It

Recycling the plastic bottles and bags you use is an important step that everyone can feel good about doing. And who says it can’t be fun too?

Plastics Make it Possible® is happy to present Bin It, a fun and addictive new game for the iPhone and iPad that challenges you to recycle in a fun way! Make as many bottles in the bin as you can, and see how your recycling efforts pay off in the number of actual post-consumer products that can be created from the bottles you recycle.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, think again. Try tossing a bottle into the recycling bin from across the kitchen with a monkey screaming overhead or down a fashion runway while bears take photos, their cameras flashing as distraction. Not challenging enough? What about from the three point line with a giant penguin as the referee? Throw in a fan trying to put your bottles off course to make it even more challenging. What are you waiting for? Bin It is now available for free download in the app store. So what are you waiting for? Download it now, let us know what you think, and share your high score in the comment section below!

And don’t forget, Bin It on the iPhone, iPad, and most importantly, in your everyday life!

You can also follow this How-to-Guide to recycling plastics or check out these tips to get your kids recycling!