How to Recycle

Recycling plastics has never been easier. See how to recycle plastics at home and on the go, read our favorite recycling ideas and learn what happens to recycled bottles, jugs and other plastics.

On the Go

Reduce Waste at Tailgates

Tailgating Doesn’t Have to Result in Bags of Trash
At Home

Bin It: The New Recycling Game for the iPhone and iPad

This Mobile App Makes Plastics Recycling Fun and Rewarding
  • Recycling Makeover
    Give Your Home a Recycling Makeover Taniya Nayak shows us how to “green up” indoor and outdoor living spaces with recycled furniture and décor. Read More
  • Professor Plastic Recycling Makeover
    Can I Recycle Plastic Bags in the Recycling Bin? It’s easy to recycle plastic bags and film, even if your community doesn’t accept them in curbside recycling bins. See How