Pack to School

Send them to school with lunches they’ll love. From ingenious lunch boxes to airtight food storage containers to lightweight packaging, plastics can make packing lunch easier than ever, while helping keep food fresh. Learn more below.

Take a look at how you can pack a truly memorable lunch—with a little help from plastics.

  • Nutritious lunches – and some clever ways to pack them

    Kids tired of the same old sandwiches? Here are some ways to pack more oomph into your kids’ lunches… using some handy modern packaging

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  • Duff's Kitchen

    Plastics Make it Possible® has teamed up with celebrity chef and television personality Duff Goldman to show you how plastics make it easy to prepare delicious recipes while doing something good for the environment.

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  • Can Recycled School Supplies Teach Kids About Sustainability?

    What can parents and kids do to contribute to sustainability during the school day?

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  • I Hate Wasted Food—One Reason I Love Plastic Packaging

    So let’s explore that link between wasted food and the environment for a bit … and then look at why proper packaging—such as modern plastic containers, bags, and wraps—can play such an important role in preventing wasted food.

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  • Schools Create Gardens Made with Recycled Plastics

    Plastics Make it Possible® has partnered with Woolly Pocket to provide schools throughout the country with space-saving gardens made with recycled plastic bottles.

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  • Recycled Plastics Help the Environment This School Year

    Thanks to the increase in plastics recycling, it’s easier than ever to find everyday products, such as school supplies, made with recycled plastics.

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