Make Your Margaritas Bounce

outdoor party, drinking, plastic drinkware

Plastics Help Make Outdoor Entertaining Possible

So you’re headed out your back door with a big tray of margaritas to start the weekend with friends… when your dog bolts for a squirrel and tequila flies everywhere.

Fortunately, your colorful acrylic cocktail glasses simply bounced. So you make more drinks and think: maybe all of my outdoor entertaining should be ”unbreakable.”

It’s actually pretty easy.

Plastics Make it Possible® partnered with food and lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers to share some clever tips for making the most of your next outdoor get-together using the latest innovations in plastic cooking, baking, and entertaining tools.

  • Green Your Party: Recycling is an essential part of entertaining. Place a labeled recycling bin next to the trash bin to remind guests to recycle. Depending on local recycling programs, plastic bottles, bags, wraps, and containers can be recycled to live second lives as backyard deckst-shirts, handy wine carriers, cutting boards, carpeting, and more.
  • Sophisticated Serving Pieces: New trends in plastic serving pieces allow you to have a chic, sophisticated outdoor party with solutions that are shatter-resistant and more lightweight – and sometimes even more affordable – than glass alternatives.
  • Party On-the-Go: Innovations in plastic packaging have revolutionized the way wines are stored, transported, and enjoyed. Handy, shatter-resistant plastic bottles are lighter and easier to tote to outdoor events. Because they’re lighter, they need less energy to ship than glass bottles, making them a convenient and sustainable solution for outdoor entertaining. And when the party’s over, most bin programs will accept the bottle for recycling.
  • Party Planning Made Easy: Check your local grocery store for foods packaged in resealable plastic bags and containers. These are convenient for shredded cheeses, dried fruit, pastas, salads, cold cuts, dips, dressings, and more – use what you need and store the rest.
  • Don’t Dispose, Take it Home: Let your guests go home with the delicious food you served at your party by packaging leftovers in reusable, airtight plastic containers or sealable plastic bags. To prolong freshness, store leftovers within 2 hours, and use shallow plastic containers, less than two inches deep, for rapid, even cooling in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Savvy Party Planner: Outdoor party necessities include easy-to-clean silicone basting brushes for brushing on marinades, heat-resistant silicone outdoor grilling mitts to help protect hands and arms from heat, and reusable plastic containers for endless chips and dip. Plastic utensils and trays are generally much lighter than glass or ceramic, making them easy to move with the party and refill with new treats when needed.