Kids’ Easter Party Ideas: Guest Post by Martie Duncan

By: Allyson Wilson

Family painting Easter eggs

You know, I really hadn’t thought about all the ways plastics help celebrate spring holidays like Easter.  But if you look around, plastics are everywhere … helping us decorate, entertain, and spread holiday cheer. Just look at an Easter basket; from the pastel overwrap down to a jelly bean stuffed plastic egg—plastics are a big part of any Easter party. Easter parties are all about the kids, and with kid parties my best advice is to keep it simple and safe.  Plastics help me do that with solutions for everything from serving to games. Here are a few tips to help pull together a sure-to-please Easter party for those little bunnies.

Stage a Hunt, Rain or Shine

Spring weather can be unpredictable, but rain doesn’t have to mean a rain out for your egg hunt. An inexpensive strip of green plastic indoor/outdoor carpet is as good as grass if the party moves indoors.  It also helps define the play space.

An Egg is an Egg

Use plastic eggs to decorate an egg tree by using a pretty ribbon or bow to hang them on bare branches. Big bowls or cylinders of plastic eggs in pretty colors are really all the decorations you’ll need for this party, but you can add birdhouses, bunnies, daffodils, and strips of grass to create a spring feel. Use plenty of pre-filled plastic toy eggs instead of real eggs, then use them for the egg hunt later in the day. This way you won’t have a smelly problem later if some eggs aren’t found.

Keep the Menu “Chill”

For most kids, parties are about play, so relax a bit and avoid hot dishes. Deviled eggs are a great choice since you may be boiling and dyeing eggs anyway. Keep the eggs cool over ice at the party. Some plastic deviled egg trays have a compartment for ice, but two different sized bowls would work just as well. Use plastic Easter-themed cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes.

Include lots of “rabbit” food on the menu. A platter of carrots and ranch dip is easy and can be purchased ready-cut. Apple wedges served with peanut butter for dipping is another healthy choice. Pink and yellow lemonade or drink mixes in fun party colors is always easy and affordable. Serve in clear plastic cups and your beverages become a decoration.

Party Fun

A colorful craft table is always a good way to keep kids busy at a party, and it’s a great idea to have designated people to lead the fun. Use an inexpensive bright colored plastic table cloth to make the area festive. You can find tons of great craft ideas online or buy do-it-yourself kits in stores. Fill plastic pails or bowls with your supplies and provide children with plastic blunt-edged scissors for their projects. I like to have dyed eggs on hand and give the kids lots of stickers, glitter glue, flowers, and ribbon to customize their own eggs. Older kids can experiment with plastic sequins, buttons, and acrylic jewels to make really elegant eggs. Another great idea is to hire a former teacher or an artsy teenager to don a bunny suit and assist the kids with craft projects.

I hope this helps make your party hopping good fun for everyone. Hop on over to Martie Knows for more great tips, including instructions on how to make a Peeps cake–or if you’re looking to spice up an Easter dinner, try my amazing deviled eggs.