Interior Design Trends from Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Plastic chandelier

Plastics Make it Possible® attended the 2011 Architectural Digest Home Design Show to catch a glimpse of some of this year’s hottest trends in interior design. What did we find? Lots of plastics!

Here are some of our favorite trends we saw at the Show:

Modern Meets Traditional Many furniture designers are re-creating classic pieces with modern materials such as plastics. Two cool examples we saw at the Show:

The Jia Moderne “Quan Chair,” a classic Chinese design from the Ming Dynasty recreated in contemporary, clear polymethyl methacrylate (better known by brand names Plexiglass® and Lucite®).

The Queen of Love chair by Linvin, an ironic revisiting of the Louis XV style. A seamless, durable piece of furniture made entirely of polyethylene plastic, the Queen of Love “will survive equally well indoors and outdoors,” according to the manufacturer.

Reused, Recycled and Reclaimed Many designers are using reclaimed materials to create a sustainable, eye-catching focal point in a room. We saw lots of amazing chandeliers made from repurposed plastics in the Dining by Design exhibit.

Funky Plastic Chairs Are In! Some of our favorites include the ultramodern Dauphin’s Perillo chairs made from a continuous sheet of high gloss plastic and the translucent Philippe Starck Louis XV Ghost armchair made from polycarbonate plastic.

Color is Back in a Big Way Bright colors were everywhere, from furniture to furnishings to flowers. Many of today’s paints – for walls, appliances, wood, art – incorporate plastics to make them more durable, stain resistant and long lasting.