Create a Greenhouse Shade Cloth to Combat the Heat

Arbor At Night

If you’ve invested in building or purchasing a greenhouse or arbor to enhance your outdoor living space or green thumb, installing a plastic shade cloth is the perfect addition.

Shade cloth is designed to shield you or your plants from the intensity of the sun, thus allowing you to control the heat gain in your greenhouse. For your arbor, it is great for blocking direct, glaring sun rays yet will still allow for perfect ventilation. In the winter, it is great for maintaining the desired heat level inside your greenhouse. I’ve even read that some folks have used shade cloth to cover their RV’s or to reduce heat buildup on stone or concrete patios.

Installing a shade cloth is very easy, and it’s low-maintenance compared to other forms of sun protection. Made of UV-resistant, high-density polypropylene plastic fabric, shade cloth is lightweight, flexible and very durable. It comes in a wide array of colors; black is ideal for maximum heat buildup protection.

To install shade cloth, grommets are placed along the edges of the cloth to ensure even distribution of strength to hold the fabric in place. If you place it outside your greenhouse, all you will need is a sturdy cord and stakes to anchor it down on the side of your greenhouse. You can also attach the cloth inside your greenhouse using tension or curtain rods, or you can tie off each grommet along the framing. This works great for arbors as well.

Having the option to control the heat intensity is a great additional feature to having a greenhouse or arbor. So, if you have invested in either, take the next step and install a shade cloth. It will definitely add another element to enjoying your outdoors.