The Hottest Garden Accessories: Guest Post by Jodi Marks


As my garden and flowers grow to full bloom, I spend a lot of time outdoors making sure every plant is happy and healthy. And to help ensure that I also stay happy and healthy while hard at work, there are certain gardening accessories that I can’t live without – my knee mat, gardening gloves, Wellies, and wheelbarrow—each of which are made durable, comfortable, and effective with plastics.

Nothing protects my hands better from that red, Georgia clay than my plastic gardening gloves. Reaching into the moist soil can dampen and stain cloth gloves, making them uncomfortable and worn-out before their time. My plastic gloves are easy to clean with a spray of the garden hose and have never stained. If you want to be especially eco-friendly, be on the lookout for gardening gloves made with recycled plastic bottles.

Walking around in my backyard, I need to protect my feet and lower legs from insects, brier vines, or the stray critter that could be lurking about. I’ve tried other gardening shoes, but only my plastic Wellies give me peace of mind and allow me to focus entirely on my plants. And a quick rinse with the garden hose has them looking fresh again. I like them so much, I keep one pair by the back door and another pair in the garage to be ready for whichever outdoor chore I work on next.

Of course, no gardener would feel complete without a trusty gardening knee mat made of comfortable, plastic foam. Having that little bit of softness to kneel on while weeding makes my knee mat priceless. Plus, it protects my knees from getting skinned and my pants from getting stained.

To complete the job, I whisk away weeds in my sturdy, plastic wheelbarrow. Lightweight and rust-proof, my handy wheelbarrow is truly the workhorse in my garden.

So, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or thinking of dabbling in the world of gardening, the right accessories can make your projects easier and more enjoyable.