Synthetic (Plastic) Turf: Guest Post by Jodi Marks


I’m always looking for new and innovative ideas for my home. Searching around on the Web for the latest and greatest techniques and products is a favorite pastime. Recently I found a really neat idea that makes a lot of sense for homeowners, and I thought I’d share it with you: synthetic turf grass made with plastics!

Using Synthetic Turf Outdoors

Now, when you think of artificial grass, you may be thinking about football fields—but I’m thinking about your great outdoors. Think about it: if you have an area that requires too much maintenance and upkeep or too much water, then synthetic turf may be the way to go.

Plastic turf is much more carefree than a grass lawn: there’s no seeds or sod, no fertilizing or weed treatment, no dandelions or grubs or watering or mowing. Some drought-plagued cities are actually encouraging consumers to consider synthetic grass.

Here are some great options for installing synthetic turf.

synthetic grass landscaping view

Synthetic Turf for Landscaping

Each year you spend a lot of time and money maintaining your lawn. Watering it, fertilizing it, and grooming it can add up to a very expensive pastime. There are companies out there that have taken the guesswork out of having a gorgeous lawn. Synthetic grass—often made with durable nylon plastic textured to look and feel like real grass—comes in a variety of grass types: Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia. You never have to worry about drought, insects, or making sure your lawn gets the proper amount of sunlight. Installing synthetic grass off your patio, around your pool, or anywhere else you would normally try to grow grass is the perfect application.

Plastic Grass for Pet Areas

One might not think of pet areas as being the perfect application for synthetic grass, but it absolutely is a great option for making the play area clean and safer for your beloved furry friends. Dogs, especially the larger ones, can be pretty tough on grass. The bare spots or brown spots they can leave behind can be a challenge for any lawn enthusiast, but installing synthetic grass can eliminate those hassles. Specially formulated plastics for the pet area are a bit different than the plastics used in your landscaping: the turf is treated with organic crystals that help control pet waste odors, and it is also tougher and stronger to stand up to your pet’s tendencies to chew, pull, or dig. This grass is also designed to control any of those unwanted critters like moles, mice, or insects, which can be a burden to you or even a danger to your pet.

synthetic grass landscaping with dog

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Of course, if you’ve always dreamed of having your own practice putting green, synthetic grass is an excellent choice for making that dream come true. Not only can you practice putting, but you can also choose a different grass to create the rough so you can have the best of both worlds. Think you don’t have the room or time to install a putting green? There are some companies that have created the perfect portable green so you can set it up and take it down in no time.

New Advances in Synthetic Turf Grass

Synthetic grass technology has come a long way, thanks to innovations in plastics. With all these advances, having a beautiful lawn, a safe pet area, or a place to practice putting is easy, accessible, and affordable. Most synthetic turf products come with a 10-year or more warranty so you know you will be making a sound investment. And many manufacturers will take back used plastic turf to be reused or recycled.

So get your weekends back and become the envy of the neighborhood. Consider synthetic turf … you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t discover this gem before now!