How to Create a Container Water Garden: Guest Post by Jodi Marks

Water garden

If you’ve always wanted a water garden feature on your patio or deck but thought it would be too expensive or time consuming, read on!

A container water garden is so easy to create and literally takes minutes to assemble. And there’s no digging required.

A plastic planter is the perfect choice to hold your water garden. They’re lightweight, durable and weather resistant. Plus, they come in so many designs and colors, the hardest part of the project will be deciding which planter to get!

What you’ll need:

– A medium to large plastic planter

– A small water pump and diffuser

– Bricks

– Water pond plants in plastic containers to be submerged under water at varying depths

  • Water garden
    Step 1

    Place your planter in the desired location, making sure the plants you have chosen can receive the suggested level of sunlight.

  • Water garden
    Step 2

    Assemble the pump and diffuser according to the manufacturer’s directions and place them in the bottom of the planter between two bricks for support.

  • Water garden
    Step 3

    Place several plants that will be submerged the most (mine were submerged up to 6 inches) on top of the bricks towards the back of the planter.

  • Water garden
    Step 4

    Now place another brick across the two lower bricks.

  • Water garden
    Step 5

    Place two plants that will be submerged less (3 inches for mine) on top of this brick towards the front of the planter.

  • Water garden
    Step 6

    Fill 3/4 of the planter with water. Make sure that the plants are submerged no deeper than the maximum suggested on their tags and that they are completely covered with water. You may have to place small pebbles in the plastic containers to keep them from floating or shifting.

  • Water garden
    Step 7

    Plug in your pump, make any adjustments you would like to the placement of your plants … and enjoy!

Using a plastic planter is truly what makes this project easy. They generally are low maintenance, easy to move and can look like terra cotta or ceramic — but without the potential breakage and mildew. When cooler weather arrives, you can take down your water garden and store everything from the planter to the plants and do it all over again next summer!