Green Gardening

CL Berry Hosta 300 4x6

“Gardening with a purpose” is taking root across the country as more and more homeowners are trying to “go green” by growing their own food, creating urban gardens and planting to help conserve the natural beauty of their yards, neighborhoods and communities.

Gardeners have always been at the forefront of protecting and conserving valuable natural resources and are now looking for gardening tools that not only get the job done, but also help them reduce their impact on the environment.

A great example of an innovative “green” gardening product is each pair of West County gardening gloves that remove two large plastic bottles from landfills. They are made from a fabric which, thanks to plastic, is stronger, softer and easier on the planet. West County gloves are all made from 100% synthetic materials that are machine washable, light weight, durable, flexible and abrasion resistant – everything a gardener is looking for!

West County Gardener Gloves: The Perfect Recycled Garden Tools

The West County waterproof glove is the perfect choice to keep hands warm and dry. It has a three-layer construction of plastic materials for maximum weather protection. The outer shell is made from tough 4-way stretch recycled polyester mesh. The inner lining uses brushed thermal nylon for warmth without weight. Sandwiched between the two is a waterproof breathable membrane that lets sweat escape, but keeps water out. The extra tall neoprene cuff is soft and snug and keeps out dirt and cold air. Like all West County gloves, they are reinforced everywhere you come into contact with tools. The lightly padded Sure-Grip® palm makes it easy to hang on to wet tools and cold surfaces.

From planting seedlings, to laying a patio or cleaning gutters, West County Gardener® has a glove for every season and task around the home. Their gloves are known for their signature snug fit that are tailored specifically for both women and men.

How Are Recycled Plastic Bottles Turned into West County Gardener Gloves?

Step 1: Empty plastic beverage bottles are collected, sorted, crushed and baled at a recycling center. The clear PET bottles are ground into flakes, which are screened and washed to remove labels, contaminants and germs.

Step 2: After the flakes are cleaned, they are dried, melted and forced through a vented extruder to form spaghetti-like strands. The strands are then chopped into uniform plastic pellets.

Step 3: The recycled PET pellets are sent to a yarn manufacturing facility where they are melted and spun into polyester fiber. The recycled fiber is blended with virgin PET fiber to make a blended polyester yarn.

Step 4: The blended polyester yarn is knit into fabric and dyed to meet West County Gardener’s unique specifications.

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