Garden Trends at This Year’s Philadelphia Flower Show

pussy willows

The Plastics Make It Possible® team recently participated in the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show. While we managed to soak in some U.S. history in the city of brotherly love, we were mainly surrounded by beautiful flowers, innovative gardens, and remarkable displays of magical outdoor landscapes.

The Philadelphia show is the largest indoor flower show in the world, drawing more than 265,000 guests over eight days. The show highlighted the latest trends and ideas in horticulture and gardening from around the globe.

Here are some of the cool trends and fun ideas we saw at the show:

Vertical Garden
Container Garden
Recycled Plastic

Vertical Gardens

One of the most prominent trends at the show this year was vertical gardens. Also known as “green walls” or “living gardens,” these vertical displays consist of a collection of plants that grow up a wall or other vertical surface, indoors or outdoors. Woolly Pockets, made from recycled plastic bottles, are flexible, breathable gardening containers that can be hung on a wall, a fence or any vertical surface. Woolly Pockets were featured in our display and throughout the show—definitely a sprouting trend!

Reuse and Recycle

Many displays featured reused and recycled items, a fast growing trend that includes decking, furniture and other outdoor products made from recycled plastics. One of our favorite displays featured repurposed and recycled items arranged to create artistic shadows using projected light. Artists used buckets, cans, plastic pipes and other items to create intricate shapes that cast unexpected shadows of Parisian icons when illuminated.  Other displays featured the countless applications of reused and recycled products to recreate the Paris underground and countryside.

Container Gardens

Container gardening was everywhere at the show. Containers allow gardeners to grow plants in unusual and limited spaces. Plastic containers are great for container gardens because they are lightweight and durable, can be easily transported, and stand up to the weather.

Hottest Blooms

Of course, one of the most popular items on sale at the flower show market place was … flowers! Among the tons of potted and cut flowers snapped up by happy show goers, the most popular were the year-round favorite—orchids—and that harbinger of spring—pussy willows. Orchids of all colors and varieties jumped off the shelves, and branches upon branches of pussy willows were bundled up for the journey home.

Be sure to visit our Flickr album featuring these trends and displays as well as other images from the show!

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Photo Credit: Nick Gaswirth Photography