Choose a Vinyl Trellis: Guest Post by Jodi Marks

White fence in a garden

Vinyl trellises can be great additions to many gardens and backyards. They usually are easy to assemble and install, so adding a beautiful backdrop of your favorite climbing roses or flowering vines may be easier than you think.

Benefits of a Vinyl Garden Trellis

Arbors and trellises come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you can choose the one that is right for your yard or garden. Some come with attached planter boxes for your plants, as well.

Vinyl plastic trellises are very popular these days because they are so low maintenance. Many homeowners and gardeners alike choose vinyl because it is weather resistant, won’t peel or splinter, and can be cleaned with a garden hose to look new again. Metal and wrought iron or metal can get so hot that vines and plants can scorch; vinyl stays much cooler in the hot summer sun.

Installing a Trellis

Assembling a vinyl trellis is pretty straightforward. Usually the pieces slide and snap together to create a tight connection, while some are assembled using screws.

Installing trellises generally requires minimal tools. If your garden trellis is going into a grassy area, you may need posthole diggers. If you are attaching your trellis to a stone or concrete surface, you will need post holders that attach to the hard surface.

Enjoying Your Garden Trellis

Once your trellis is in place, it is time to choose your plants. I have to admit, I love Winter Wisteria. It is such a rich, green color, and I love how the vines intertwine as they grow. Climbing roses are my next favorite—and roses just speak for themselves. And I like to create flowerbeds underneath the climbing plants.

Whatever plants you choose, installing a vinyl trellis is the perfect way to show off your green thumb for years to come and to add beauty to your garden or outdoor living space.