Add Floral Fare to Your Outdoor Entertaining

Plastic Travel Vase collection from CHIVE

Summer is here and we are moving out of our dwellings and into outdoor entertaining.  Whether it be on the patio, at the local park, or visiting friends at a BBQ we all love flowers and when we entertain they really add to the ambiance and mood of an event.

Now you can bring floral cheer with you everywhere you go using the Plastic Travel Vase collection from CHIVE.  These wonderful and innovative plastic travel vases come flat and weigh in next to nothing so they can fit in your purse, your fanny-pack or your back pocket.

Just imagine flowers brimming on all the table tops at your annual family picnic.  With these vases you don’t need to worry about space being taken up in your minivan by regular glass vases and you especially don’t have to worry about breaking them – they’re plastic!

The kids can even use them as paint brush holders or containers for bubble soap.  Flowers and bubbles in the park at the family picnic are magical!  And when you’re all tuckered out after grilling for 100 people and you’re wrapping up the last of the three legged races, simply pour the water out, flatten the vase, and pop it in your glove compartment for next time.

Keeping the Plastic Travel Vase handy is perfect for impromptu flower purchases when heading to a friend’s cottage or cabin for the weekend.  Not only will your host have you back again next summer, he or she will also have the lasting memory of the flowers you brought with you and how clever you were to bring them in a portable vase!

With CHIVES’ Plastic Travel Vase collection the wonderful fragrances of flowers can literally go anywhere and add life to outdoor spaces with splashes of color and natural beauty.  Take a Hole Punch to them and string them up on your back porch!  Thumb tack them into the wood post on your deck!  Going on the boat?  Never think about cleaning up broken glass again.

The Plastic Travel Vases are easily cleaned with dish soap and warm water. Small size vases are available in 6 amazing colors and hold up to 6 stems, while large size vases are available in three different patterns and can hold up to a dozen stems!