How to Upcycle Plastics into a DIY Vase: Guest Post by Leslie Segrete

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From the mayonnaise or peanut butter jar to the ketchup bottle, if you’re not recycling your plastics, reuse them in a fun and creative way with this DIY vase craft! Home improvement and design expert Leslie Segrete shows how to upcycle used plastic containers to craft a beautiful new vase. Fun and Creative Way to Re-Use Plastic ContainersIf you’re not recycling your plastics, reuse them in a fun and creative way! Home improvement and design expert, Leslie Segrete, shares a clever and beautiful way you can re-use old plastic containers to create a beautiful new vase.T1M55S

DIY Vase Craft Supplies

  • Plastic container headed to the recycling bin. (Think yogurt, peanut butter or mayonnaise jars; all of these types of canisters work very well.)
  • Double stick floral adhesive (white or green rubber glue strip)
  • Dried sheet moss
  • Spanish moss (or other natural element such as bark)
  • Floral wire (green or colorful, up to you)
  • Fresh cut flowers

 How to Upcycle Plastics into Your Own DIY Vase Craft

  1. Start with a clean plastic container. Wrap the outside of the container with the floral adhesive.
  2. Wrap the moss and other natural elements around the canister to fully cover the container itself.
  3. Once the natural elements are wrapped and secured with the floral adhesive go around the exterior with the floral wire just to be certain the elements are attached and secure. The green floral wire blends perfectly.
  4. You can add other natural components to the container such as pieces of bark, grape vine, or whatever else you love. A glue gun comes in very handy here.
  5. Fill vessel with water. Add fresh cut flowers and enjoy!