In the Garden

Valued for their durable and weather-resistant qualities, plastics are right at home outdoors. Whether you’re gardening, entertaining or just relaxing, there are big benefits to using plastics and recycled plastics outside.

  • Garden Edging
    Recycled Plastic Edging for Your Landscaping Made from recycled containers, installing this flexible edging helps prevent grass and weeds from encroaching. It also keeps your mulch in place and slows down water runoff. Learn More
  • Synthetic Lawncrop
    Synthetic (Plastic) Turf If you have an area that requires too much maintenance and upkeep or too much water, then synthetic turf may be the way to go. See Why
  • Blonde woman watering flowers
    Recycled Plastic in the Garden Recycled plastic gardening tools are contributing to greener gardens – not just the color but with how they contribute to the environment. See How