The Plastic Roof Over Your Head: Guest Post by Danny Lipford

ValoreShake Roof

The roof over your head should protect you, your loved ones and your belongings from Mother Nature. And now thanks to plastics, roofing can be strong, light, durable, easy to install and also make sense economically and environmentally—some serious advantages!

Even though plastic roofing weighs less than asphalt roofing and up to 75 percent less than slate, it’s resistant to hail, wind and extreme temperature changes. Because it’s forgiving and flexible, you can stand on plastic roofing without worrying about damage.

Plastic roofing has some real environmental benefits, as well. It can help reduce heating and cooling costs by providing additional insulation as part of the roofing system, and it reflects the summer heat.  You can even find roofing made with recycled plastics. Now that’s “closing the loop”.

Here are few additional things to consider when buying and installing plastic roofing on your home:

Reduce Waste—Before you purchase new roofing, take precise measurements to minimize waste.  If you do end up with leftovers, the plastic may be recyclable or reusable —check with the manufacturer, retailer or your local recycling facility.

Warranty—When purchasing plastic roofing, look into the warranty. Due to its durability, plastic roofing manufacturers can offer a warranty up to fifty years. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty when the product is installed by a professional.

Light Weight—Plastic roofing’s light weight makes it easy to transport and install. It needs no special reinforcing support that sometimes is necessary with heavier roofing such as slate.

Beauty—Along with all the benefits above, today’s plastic roofing is really appealing and can look just like slate, tiles and even wood shakes. Check out some examples from DaVinci Roofscapes for inspiration.

Happy roofing!

– Danny Lipford

Image Courtesy of DaVinci Roofscapes