The Money Pit

Plastics Make it Possible® has partnered with The Money Pit, a nationally syndicated radio program on home improvement, to highlight the many ways plastics can help us keep the environment in mind when we’re designing or renovating our homes. From plastic insulation that reduces heating and cooling costs, to beautiful, durable recycled plastic building products, plastics make it easy to add value to our homes while contributing to sustainability.

  • The Money Pit hosts
    Meet the Hosts

    Do you have a question about home improvement? Hosts Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete are ready to answer.

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  • Hispanic woman holding caulking gun
    Help Save Energy and Reduce Waste with Innovative Plastic Home Improvement Products

    Looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste and water use? Plus maybe save some money and lighten your environmental footprint? You may be surprised how home improvement products made with plastics can help in so many ways. Here are some examples of products and projects that can make a difference…

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